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Carol Knop, CTT, LE, CMT, BCTMB, LEl

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Healthy Well-Being

I have been improving my own health and trying to achieve a balance in my life by regularly getting massage therapy, bodywork, thermography (infrared imaging), good nutrition, fun, meditation, exercise, spiritual alignment, and forgiving and being patient with myself and others.  I focus on loving life--my family, my home in the mountains, and helping people through the work that I do.

I Care About You

You are not just a body or an income to me.  You are a spiritual being who needs energetic and physical assistance in order to heal yourself and improve your health.  I can help you improve your health through thermography (infrared imaging), massage therapy, bodywork, energy work, and more.

Experienced Knowledge

I have over twenty-five years of experience and training so I can assess your needs and give you the perfect session.  I am constantly learning new things in the fields of massage therapy, bodywork, esthetics (facials), and thermography (infrared imaging) to add to my repertoire.



My Mission for Thermography

My mission as a thermography technician is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable place where you feel you are being cared for by someone who is competent, professional, and can help you be proactive in taking responsibility for improving or maintaining your health.

Please click the Thermography button to learn about how thermography can help you and your doctor improve your health.  There is a lot of information so please take your time to peruse.


My Mission for Spa Services

Deep within you lies the power to heal all physical and mental maladies, have spiritual alignment, and have perfect health and youthful radiance.  We sometimes choose instead to get swept under by a tide of stressful events and thoughts, which can suppress our healing abilities and age us.  Deep within me lies the carefully honed and practiced skill to awaken your dormant power to heal yourself.   

My mission is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable place where you can allow my touch to relax you and take you to a place deep within yourself where you can feel nurtured, tranquil, energized, and fully alive.  

Have you forgotten how this feels?  

Do not wait any longer.  

Click the Spa Services button for information about massage therapy, bodywork, facials, electrolysis, and more.

Spa Services

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