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I have been improving my own health and trying to achieve a balance in my life for over thirty-five years with massage, bodywork, nutrition, fun, meditation, exercise, spiritual alignment, and forgiving myself and others.  I focus on loving life--my family, my home in the mountains, and helping people through the work that I do.

I Care About You

You are not just a body or an income to me.  You are a spiritual being who needs energetic and physical assistance in order to heal yourself and improve your health.

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I have over twenty-five years of experience and training so I can assess your needs and give you the perfect session.  I am constantly learning new things and adding to my repertoire.


Thermography (Infrared Imaging)


What Is Thermography?

Thermography uses a high-resolution infrared imaging system in a controlled environment to take images of clients who have followed specific pre-imaging protocols.  Clinical infrared imaging is performed to determine if asymmetrical thermal patterns are present, which can tell thermologists if there may be a risk to the body.  The FDA approved thermography as an adjunct imaging procedure for breast cancer in 1982.  It is not a replacement for any other forms of imaging.  It does not screen, detect, or diagnose health disorders.  Infrared imaging reports are meant to identify thermal emissions that suggest potential risk markers and do not suggest a diagnosis or treatment.  Only a medical doctor can diagnose.  The thermal markers must be correlated by the patient's treating physician with additional testing and procedures before a final diagnosis can be made.  Some abnormalities will not have associated thermal markers so infrared imaging should not be used as a stand-alone test without clinical correlation. That said, infrared imaging has saved many lives by being a first alert for fast-growing forms of breast cancer.  It can also be a useful tool to help your physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or dentist identify inflammation caused by thyroid, dental, spinal, or auto-immune issues, to name a few.  For a full list of conditions that have associated thermal markers please click the Thermography page button at the top of the picture above.  No form of imaging is a hundred percent accurate.  Only a biopsy can determine for certain if cancer is present.  Thermography and mammograms are about 75 to 85 percent accurate.  They are completely different forms of imaging--One uses thermal emissions from the body and is better for showing fast-growing forms of cancer; The other is better at detecting larger masses.  Thermography should not be used as a replacement for mammograms.  I recommend getting a breast thermogram six months before your annual mammogram to check for the fast-growing form of breast cancer, which can be insidious in less than a year.

Thermography does not send anything to your body.  It causes no side effects or toxicity.  It simply detects infrared heat naturally emitting from the surface of the body, which can be interpreted by thermologists.   There is no touching or probes involved.  It is completely non-invasive.

CTT Credential

I am a Certified Thermography Technician.  I download the infrared images of your body and the paperwork to Dr. William Amalu, the thermologist with whom I work.  He will interpret the images and download a report to me, which I upload to a USB, along with the images, for you to take to your doctor.

Pre-imaging Protocol

Do not do anything that would temporarily change the temperature of your body for 24 hours before your imaging session such as exercising, hot tub, sauna, sun bathing, tanning booth, depilatories, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.  You may shower one to 24 hours before the appointment, but do not use oils, lotions, serums, or creams on any area to be imaged.  Do not allow yourself to get a sunburn on the area to be imaged one week before the thermogram.  Reschedule the appointment if you have a fever the day of the appointment.


For More Information

For examples of thermography images and an interpretation of those images, a list of the clinical applications for thermography, prices, financial assistance from the United Breast Cancer Foundation, and other information, click on the Thermography page button at the top of the picture at the top of this page..

My Mission

Deep within you lies the power to heal all physical and mental maladies, have spiritual alignment, and have perfect health and youthful radiance.  We sometimes choose instead to get swept under by a tide of stressful events and thoughts, which can suppress our healing abilities and age us.  Deep within me lies the carefully honed and practiced skill to awaken your dormant power to heal yourself.   

My mission is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable place where you can allow my touch to relax you and take you to a place deep within yourself where you can feel nurtured, tranquil, energized, and fully alive.  

Have you forgotten how this feels?  

Do not wait any longer.  

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